Bacardi Elixir Tropical @ Brusco

Elixir Tropical in Tour #1: From Cuba to Brusco

Elixir Tropical in tour #1 From Cuba to Brusco Wine & Audio Room When you need to spend a great night in one of the most beautyfull place of Naples you need to go to Brusco. Thanks a lot to Sette Piterà , Marco Parrella , Alessandro Bardellino for the hospitality and the positive energy. Now as somebody said "The tour must go on" see you in Lo Straccale , don't miss it! Let's get tropical! Video - Simone Puziello Videomaker #BacardìLegacy #BLGCC2017 #ElixirTropical

Pubblicato da Elixir Tropical for Bacardi Legacy 2017 su Lunedì 12 dicembre 2016


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